Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Interview with Ida Muorie on The Sportsmavericks Show

Ida Muorie’s Sportsmavericks Show

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
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Hear the author talk about

Through the Flames

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Synopsis of Through the Flames

(with nods to Dawn Colclasure Wilson’s review)

     “Your home life is a mess.” This is The Understatement of the Year. Larry’s senior year, things go from bad to worse for the dysfunctional Allen family. The story begins with the homecoming game for Bobby Layne High School and a harsh slam to the star quarterback’s world - a tough hit during the second quarter of the football game.

     Larry and his two brothers are not loners, but they are essentially alone. Their dad, Robert Allen, is away playing for the NFL half the year and their mother, Suzanne, has moved out and gotten a job at a local bar; the grief of losing her daughter overpowering her ability to manage three teenage sons and a household on her own. Alcoholism raises its ugly head, capturing the oldest son, Craig, and Suzanne in its clutches.

     Athletes in Texas and throughout the world hear No Pain No Gain, Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit and so many other mantras of carrying on through adversity. Larry is the quintessential suffering hero, he plays through injuries like a Pro. His focus is on leading his team, doing his job, winning.
But head injuries do not respond to playing through. The brain needs inactivity to recover. Injuries slow Larry down, but a concussion brings him to a halt - a coma - a new life without football.

What could those around him have done to prevent it?

Through the Flames is an inspirational story of how one family plays through tragedy and troubles, the bonds of love emerge as stronger than any other. This book is a stand-alone work, but The Fire Series began with Book One: Into the Fire and will continue in Book Three.

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