Gypsy Shadow's Featured Author - Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

     Elizabeth Ann Scarborough is the author of 22 solo fantasy and science fiction novels, including the 1989 Nebula award winning fantasy novel, Healer’s War, loosely based on her service as an Army Nurse in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. She has collaborated thus far on 16 novels with Anne McCaffrey, six in the best selling Petaybee series and eight in the YA bestselling Acorna series, and most recently, the Tales of the Barque Cat series, Catalyst and coming in December 2010, Catacombs (from Del Rey). Her last published solo novel was CLEOPATRA 7.2, soon to be re-released for e-Book download and print on demand under the Fortune imprint of Gypsy Shadow Publishing. She is currently working on a YA fantasy cat mystery, SPAM VS THE VAMPIRE.


     We are so excited at the re-release of 16 of Ms. Scarborough's books - a whole new generation can meet her incredible characters and join the laughter we started all those years ago and never stopped!

Now on the Gypsy Shadow Publishing site:


And, remarkably, many more to come!

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