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Through the Flames, a novel by Denise Bartlett

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Denise Bartlett's Young Adult novel, Through the Flames

It is absolutely amazing how little awareness there is in the general public about head injuries/brain injuries/concussions. The NFL and the professional football players who have competed in games are in a huge battle right now. In a nutshell, the players are suing the NFL for not disclosing the potential permanent damage which can be done to the brain by taking repeated hits and jolts to the head in the collision sport we call football.
Through the Flames by Denise BartlettAs a result of writing Through the Flames, which focuses on a household where domestic violence has become the paradigm, I have spoken to many individuals about the causes and symptoms of these injuries. Not all concussions are caused by sports injuries, but the sports injury ones are a direct result of voluntary participation. I will admit that not all players consider their involvement as voluntary, but I believe it is, nonetheless.
In Texas, contact sports, especially football, are so much a part of the lives of a large number of individuals, that injuries are brushed off and sitting on the bench or even totally refraining from play, in order to take time to recover, is seen as a sign of weakness. Men and women of all ages 'tough it out' rather than confess to experiencing headaches, dizziness, balance problems and nausea.
One teenager I spoke to recalled a four-wheeler accident where he hit their head and had headaches and dizziness for weeks. The leg injury he had prevailed to receive all the attention of surgery and rehab while the head injury was ignored, since he was diagnosed long ago as ADHD and they expect him not to remember things and to complain about headaches. He has the classic symptoms of concussion and head injury, but many of them are similar to those ADHD produces. We must play closer attention to what the people around us, especially athletes, are saying about the health and other problems they are having.
That is only one example - domestic violence, pick up games, extreme sports, even instances of working with horses where the rider lands inelegantly all lend to the problem.
Education and awareness are important. It's an uphill battle and it's only just begun.
Take a few minutes and think about those around you who have had concussions or have had other types of injuries as a result of athletic pursuits. What do you believe are viable solutions to making the games safer, the athletes stronger and less prone to injuries, and spreading the information about concussion and traumatic brain injuries.
Empower yourself with education. Empower students with education. And communicate with everyone you meet. It could change your life and theirs, too.

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