Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gypsy Shadow Publishing is two years old in September 2011
Gypsy Shadow Publishing is the product of a unique partnership of professional writers, editors and artists. We are proud to have an eclectic group of authors and their books. We don't fit in any particular genre, nor do we choose to. Some have understood the request for submissions of any genre, or no genre, or multi-genre books to mean we are not selective or discerning, when what we wish to say is we are not an old-school publisher.

The paradigm of publishing has transformed. Once publishing houses held large staffs assembled to turn out physical books which often were required to fit a formula, a distinct genre, a perceived need or popular subject. Now the staffs of many indie publishers are spread across county and state lines, even across countries at times. Indie publishers are working with traditional works as well as venturing into experimental fiction.

GSP's internet presence bridges international and personal realms. We concentrate on casting a discriminating eye on submissions, leaving ourselves open to accept well-written manuscripts by authors without regard to previous experience in the world of publishing. Some of our authors have many published works and they stretch across many genres. Most of our books can be found in more than one genre and range from non-fiction memoirs to fantasy.

Come by and check us out! We hope you stay to read excerpts and explore our site.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sheila Deeth's review of Sneaky Shenanigans by Violetta Antcliff

Sneaky Shenanigans, by Violetta Antcliff

 ebook available for $2.99

A fun short story and an enjoyable book to read over mid-morning coffee, Sneaky Shenanigans by Violetta Antcliff should do a good job of chasing those Monday blues away. Patrick O’Malley, farmer, loner, smoker, dog-lover, is missing his old Ma who died a short while ago. But now it’s time to get on with life and he’s going to ask the Widow Bridget Flynn if she’ll “consider walking out with him.” He’s thought long and hard about it, but when the dear widow opens her door he’s delightfully tongue-tied, and she delightfully vocal.
The dialog’s fun and convincing, village and neighbors providing background scenery and sound, hot tea (with a little extra) providing spice. The author carefully unwraps Patrick’s emotions, slowly wakening him to life’s possibilities, but there’s always the pull of peaceful loneliness and the joy of not being watched. Will he stay on the farm? Will he move to the village? Will he ever commit himself?
In the end some very pleasing shenanigans conspire to make Patrick’s intentions honorable, and the conclusion will leave you looking for more possibilities besides morning coffee and afternoon tea. Parties are fun, and this party’s convincingly written, evocatively told, and sure to please.

Disclosure: I received a free ecopy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Sheila Deeth is the author of Refracted and Black Widow, among others.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Len Dawson's review of Sarah Deckard's Journey

Sarah’s handling of conversation and description is quite solid; her metaphors and similes enjoyable. When her heroine meets her fairy guardian, the story takes on the feel of a fable and I think it works extremely well as a fable - very original and really quite clever. I wanted to see how the story would unfold after their meeting. And Sarah does not disappoint. The way she weaves the story and characters is very impressive. She maintains the feel of a fable right to the end. Her story was a really good, really fun, read.

Len Dawson is the author of The Devil's Alibi and Everyone's on the Take

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mishka Zakharin's review of Fenella and the Magic Mirror by Mark Henderson

Ebook available for $3.99
Illustrated by Charlotte Holley

In ‘Fenella and the Magic Mirror,’ Henderson captures the tone and precision of language one would expect from traditional folklore, yet at the same time he infuses it with a contemporary, ironic humor. The Princess Fenella is a modern woman—and a bit of tom-boy as well ... living (literally) in a faerie tale world; she finds herself not merely “locked in a castle tower,” but “kept in durance vile”... but, no helpless maiden awaiting rescue, it is she who must escape to confront the dragon threatening the kingdom (and contemplating some rather cleverly disgusting recipes to use for his captives)—and it is up to her to save the knight!


While honoring the conventions of faerie tales, though in tongue-in-cheek fashion, this delightful fantasy is a fun read—but with (perhaps) a refreshingly, all-too-realistic ending...

Review by Mishka Zakharin, Reader and Author of The Spleen of Fiery Dragons, among others