Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gypsy Shadow Publishing is two years old in September 2011
Gypsy Shadow Publishing is the product of a unique partnership of professional writers, editors and artists. We are proud to have an eclectic group of authors and their books. We don't fit in any particular genre, nor do we choose to. Some have understood the request for submissions of any genre, or no genre, or multi-genre books to mean we are not selective or discerning, when what we wish to say is we are not an old-school publisher.

The paradigm of publishing has transformed. Once publishing houses held large staffs assembled to turn out physical books which often were required to fit a formula, a distinct genre, a perceived need or popular subject. Now the staffs of many indie publishers are spread across county and state lines, even across countries at times. Indie publishers are working with traditional works as well as venturing into experimental fiction.

GSP's internet presence bridges international and personal realms. We concentrate on casting a discriminating eye on submissions, leaving ourselves open to accept well-written manuscripts by authors without regard to previous experience in the world of publishing. Some of our authors have many published works and they stretch across many genres. Most of our books can be found in more than one genre and range from non-fiction memoirs to fantasy.

Come by and check us out! We hope you stay to read excerpts and explore our site.

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  1. I love Gypsy Shadow, but you already knew that :)


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