Saturday, December 10, 2011

Devil's Alibi

now available in print and ebook formats

Jezebel Jorge's review of Devil's Alibi

Len Dawson paints a lush portrait of a beautiful city tainted by a kidnapping and murder. Andy Lee often has to decide what is the lesser of two evils when he is assigned to defend a man who’s guilty of a lot of things other than the crime he’s accused of committing. He and his wife go out on a limb, risking their own lives to solve this case.

The Devil’s Alibi is full of intriguing plot twist that will leave you hanging right up until the end. Andy is a likable character that draws you into his story. You feel his struggle with misconceptions about his hometown and the sometimes questionable ethics of working through the legal system. The story takes the reader through Andy’s journey in a way that forever impacts his life. This book is both an interesting and through provoking reading experience.

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