Monday, October 18, 2010

Come join in! Give-away all month!

Gypsy Shadow Publishing is one year old! October is the first month of our second year and every day this month, we are giving away a free e-book. Additionally, on Halloween, every one who has signed up for the contest will receive a free scary book!

Click the link below and see the wide variety of genres and authors we have.
The list of free e-books to be given away in October of 2010.

As of today, we have 83 books online, 7 in print and about 50 e-published authors! These authors represent many of the United States of America and several countries around the world. Within a month, we will probably be over 100 books online and 10 in print. Remarkable.

Please buy our books and tell your friends who write we are author-friendly, since we are authors ourselves.
And come on by and join our contest.

Love, joy, peace,

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