Friday, October 8, 2010

When are you going to finish that book?

Are you reading? Writing? Editing? Rewriting? What's up with your book?

Writing is an enjoyable pastime, but more than that, for some of us, it is our life blood. We love to write, simply to share on paper with others. Many, many books are published every year. Before the advent of the Internet, most books were published in print, some were also recorded for the hearing impaired and for the convenience of listening while we work or drive.

Now, publishing has taken on a new face! E-publishing and Print on Demand have taken a new position in the world - even McMillan ( a huge print publisher) is switching to Print on Demand. The industry is getting savvy to conservation and printing the books people want.

So what? Guess what that means to some of us? WE can drive the market as never before. Asking for books at bookstores, posting reviews online and submitting them to print magazines, newspapers and other resources will cause their popularity to go up.

Please stop by Gypsy Shadow Publishing and read some excerpts and perhaps support some new authors and established ones - Elizabeth Ann Scarborough!! - we'd love to have you help us introduce these quality e-books and print books to the reading world.

Love, joy, peace,

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