Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Do Not Give Up

Good morning!

It's a morning of introspection around my home.  I found this video last evening and it reminds me of so many people around the world who have incredible challenges right now.

Some of us meet those challenges head on and do something about the nay-sayers!

Have you proved the doctors or experts wrong in a way that really made a difference in your life?
What advice to you have for people who are going through that challenge in their lives right now - today?

I put a hairline fracture in every vertebrae in my back in 1975. Over the years, I've had doctors tell me lots of negative stuff. They can quote statistics at me all day, but my back is just fine. It takes a lot of work to rehab any break or injury. My advice is to stick with it, whatever IT is for your life exercise, daily treatments, imagination, faith... whatever it is Do Not Give Up on coming out the other side. As they say, If you're going through hell, just keep on going!

Merry Christmas!


  1. I've seen this video a couple of times and it leaves me feeling ashamed because I give up so easily on so many things. I can be tenacious, but not when it comes to physical activity. Thanks for sharing this and for telling your story! Very inspirational on both counts. The greatest healer we have is our own mind. If we are determined enough, we can see miracles in our own lives!

  2. Thanks Charlotte, for visiting and commenting. I love that this guy used Yoga to overcome his challenges - learning to balance means so much. Balance within brings healing.


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