Monday, December 17, 2012

Interview with Larry, his junior year

More than a year passes between Into the Fire, the first book of The Fire Series and Through the Fire. Here is an interview with Larry Allen the winter after Into the Fire ends.

This is Todd Tyler, welcome to my Friday morning sports show. This morning, I'm interviewing Junior Larry Allen. This is his second year at the helm as quarterback and captain of the  Bobby Layne High School Rams.
Good morning, Larry. It's my pleasure to interview you before your second trip to the Texas State Title game in Austin tomorrow.
Q: How do you feel about the game?
Larry Allen: This time of the season, it's fun to get out there and play. We're ready.
Q: What is your game plan?
Larry: The overall game plan is up to Coach Parker and his staff. He sets up the squads and feeds us the plays. My personal plan is to make the connections I need to win the game.
Q: Exactly who do you plan to use?
Larry: [Clay] Beckmeyer and I have moved up the ranks together and he's there when I need him, has been all season. Jeff Shaw's a senior this year and his running yardage has been amazing.  He's moving on to OU next fall. If Clay and Jeff are not available, we have a few more runners hanging around. I'm sure I'll have the protection I need to move it down the field.
Q: So you may be carrying the ball yourself?
Larry: Whatever it takes to win, Todd.
Q: We wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing Layne win tomorrow.
Larry: Thank you, sir. We are looking forward to winning for the school.

They won that game, clinching the second State Championship for Layne.

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