Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jezebel Jorge's Review of Umbral Visions by Garrett Calcaterra

Umbral Visions ebook available for $4.99

Garrett Calcaterra's Umbral Visions offers up two stories that will take you to the darkest edges of your imagination. In the first story Dedrick's past sucks him into a house of horrors where he has to reach deep into his psyche to survive and come out alive. The next story has Damon's future is cast into darkness due to a freak accident. What lurks in the shadows of his mind comes on the pages he writes with a voice prompt. Fantasy turns into reality when the words from his pages lead to gristly murders inspired by his stories. It's up to his two best friends, Brad and Hayley, to save them all.

Umbral, the blackest part of a shadow from which all light is cut off, makes a great title since these stories delve into the blackest parts of the characters souls. If you enjoy a journey into the dark side, this is definitely a book you will savor.

-Jezebel Jorge is the author of the upcoming Headlocks and Hexes, first in the Ring Dreams Series.

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