Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lisa Farrell's Review of Journey by Sarah Deckard

 Journey (ebook, available for $3.99)
Journey by SarahDeckard is a medieval fairy tale with a modern message. Princess Victoria is betrothed to her true love yet discontented, something she does not realise until her prince rejects her and so compels her to embark on a quest. She thinks she journeys to seek her lover, but she finds herself on a journey of self-discovery. If “every girl's a princess”, then every girl should read this story. This author has something important to teach her heroine, and she makes the lesson a pleasant one for the reader. Journey is a prettily written, magical tale for any woman who's ever questioned a “happily ever after” ending.

This review is by one of our authors, Lisa Farrell. Her books are The Cursed (ebook, available for $3.99) and The Mother (available for free download).

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