Sunday, July 31, 2011

So why Does GSP publish poetry?

 So why Does GSP publish poetry?

We like poetry! As a matter of fact, I just read Mending Wall by Robert Frost aloud to a friend yesterday. I am taken with the fact that lots of people know the quote from that poem: "Good fences make good neighbors." What they don't remember is the poem speaking from the heart of the person who doesn't believe in fences. LOL

The Gypsy Shadow name for this genre is Bard's World. The genres of our poetry collection closely follow the major genres of our site:

Love is Like a Rainbow
 With words written from the heart and speaking to the soul, Love is Like a Rainbow contains love poems to remind readers to "let love come in."

Between Land and Sea
Between Land and Sea is a collection of poetry.
    The underlyng theme is renewal: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional that can be found within nature. Spring is the greatest example of renewal come to life. 

From Midnight Until Dawn
Light a candle and step into the world of strange. From Midnight Until Dawn is a collection of dark gothic and horror poems guaranteed to trouble your sleep.
From the Dark Side of the Moon
As a poem speaks and breathes life, Cairol Dawson’s poems are moments lived the best way possible and captured in the best possible form and language.

Songs Unsung, Poems Unspoken
 Songs Unsung, Poems Unspoken begins with an inevitable departure from home and ends with the finitude of things, traveling a gauntlet of conflicting emotions to get there.

Songs of the Dead   
 Dawn Colclasure’s dark poetry collection, Songs of the Dead (formerly named Topiary Dreams), is not only dark, but passionate.
Hymns to the Battlecrow 
Journey back in time and look at battle through the eyes, mind and heart of a Viking Warrior.

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